Code of Conduct

How to conduct yourself


  • By using, you are bound and agree to be bound by this Code of Conduct and the Privacy Policy, as well as any other rules that may be published from time to time. If participating in debates, you are also bound by the Voting Policy.

  • In essence, treat others as you wish to be treated. If someone makes a wholly reasonable request of you, please try to comply.

User Accounts

  • All users must be a minimum of 13 years of age when creating an account, or older to help comply with any local laws pertaining to Internet usage.

  • You may not use hateful, harassing, or obscene language or imagery in your username or avatar.

  • Multi-accounting and any action indistinguishable from it is prohibited. Dispensation may be granted on a case-by-case basis, such as for multiple users within a single residence; but they will have certain restrictions applied (e.g., never voting on each other’s debates).

  • Users are free to transition a new account or back to a former, so long as they demonstrate no exploitative intent, and inform moderators to ensure only one is active.

  • Account bans may be appealed by emailing: [email protected]


  • You may not impersonate individuals, groups, or organizations in a manner that is either intended to or likely to deceive others. Parody accounts are acceptable, so long it is clear that they are parodies and do not parody other site users.

  • Extravagant lies, not to be confused with mere context issues, may rise to the level of constituting impersonation.

  • You may not violate others intellectual property rights.


  • Targeted harassment of any member prohibited, as is inciting others to do so at your behest. This includes wishing or hoping that someone and/or their loved ones experiences physical harm.

  • Creating threads to call-out specific users qualifies as targeted harassment, as does obsessive attempts to derail unrelated topics with impertinent grudges. However, criticising statements within an ongoing discussion, is fair game.

  • Threats of lawsuits are not allowed, and by using this site you agree to waive any rights to file civil suits against fellow site users for any non-criminal actions.

  • If a member politely requests that you leave them alone, do so. Repeated failure to comply, is a clear aggravating factor regarding the content of said posts.

Violence and Criminal Behavior

  • You may not threaten or promote violence against any person or persons, barring hyperbole against public figures (e.g., “all politicians should be shot”). Advocacy in favor of terrorism and/or violent extremism, especially as related to hate groups as generally defined by the SPLC, is likewise prohibited.

  • You may not promote or encourage suicide or self harm.

  • You may not engage in or promote criminal activity.

  • You may not engage in or promote the sexual exploitation of minors.

Safety and Privacy

  • Doxing is strictly forbidden. Without their express permission, you may not post, threaten to post, nor encourage others to post, anyone’s private or identifying information no matter how it was obtained.

  • You may not share any content from private messages, without the consent of the respective authors; or with moderator approval (such as for dispute resolution).

Objectionable Content

  • You may not post or link to media that is excessively gory or violent.

  • You may not post or link to pornography or other explicit adult sexual material.

  • You may not engage in commercial advertising anywhere on the site.

  • Spam is prohibited, and any overtly repetitive nonsensical posts are considered spam.

  • Unwarranted systemic vulgarity and invectives, which may include off topic personal attacks and/or hate speech, are subject to disciplinary actions.


The moderators retain the authority to interpret and apply all policies in the best interests of the site and users therein. In most cases, a “reasonable person” standard will be utilized.

The specific consequence will depend on the severity and frequency of the violations, along with user history, context, and other relevant factors. Any violation of the Violence and Criminal Behavior policy will result in an immediate indefinite ban.

Consequences for violations include:

  • Nothing, as most perceived violations are too minor to constitute a true offense.

  • Written warnings, which are most common for first-time violations.

  • Restraining orders, which will always be mutual to ensure neither may antagonize the other.

  • Revocation of abused privileges, such as loss of the ability to create threads due to creating too many spam threads.

  • Temporary bans, with increasing duration for subsequent violations, up to 90-days.

  • Indefinite bans, which have no set expiration, but may be appealed every 90-days.

In addition to the above measures, moderators reserve the right to:

  • Delete any content in violation of the above rules.

  • Lock threads with frequent noteworthy violations of the above rules, or as a preventative measure when such are assuredly imminent.

Special thanks to @Ragnar, @Virtuoso, and @Drafterman for helping to create the COC.