Release Notes

The list of improvements, bug fixes and new features.


  • Added a button to highlight debate comments

  • Fixed some minor bugs


  • Changed the number of required debates to participate in the rated debating from 5 to 3.

  • Added an attention seeker for new friend requests


  • Mods are now able to delete the tags

  • Search input doesn't get cleared when switching tabs

  • Other minor bug fixes and changes


  • Added a simple page with all available tags.


  • Subscriptions to forum topics now redirect to the last page.

  • Added a way to clear all debate/forum subscriptions

  • Added a way to mark all debate/forum subscriptions as viewed.


  • Made some changes to the subscriptions system, the main difference is that now subscriptions are added automatically when creating or joining debates.

  • Added an "attention seeker" to indicate changes in the subscribed debates or forum topics to make it easier to track when new content has been added.


  • Put an icon to the main header for a quick access to the profile page, which soon will be extended to be more informative.

  • Done a few changes to the profile subscriptions page, which now more explicitly shows debates and topics with new content.

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