DebateArt President

Rules and function of the DebateArt President.

The position of president currently stands vacant.

President’s Role

In order to allow more accurate & direct community representation, the DebateArt President, a delegate elected by and from the DebateArt community, advises and assists the moderation team in making day-to-day decisions and organizing site events.

While not a moderating role, the President does retain limited powers with their position, including:

  • The ability to communicate within a moderation team chat (via Discord) in order to give input on all forms of daily decision-making. Except when completely untenable, the mod team will strive to ensure the President’s viewpoint is heard and honored.

  • The ability to approve or veto permanent ban propositions. Moderation will be required to submit permanent ban propositions to the President for review unless the user in question is a bot or advertising account, the situation is uniquely urgent or severe, the President is absent and/or unreasonably tardy, or the permanent ban proposition targets the President themselves. Vetos may be overridden by a simple majority vote among the moderation team.

  • The ability to envision and execute community events, pending the approval and assistance of moderation.

In general, the President will spend the vast majority of their time in service observing the ordinary daily tasks of the moderation team and giving counsel as they see fit.


In order for a user to qualify for the Presidential position:

  • The user’s account must be greater than 6 months old.

  • The user must have been awarded at least one golden medal achievement.

  • The user can not have been banned more frequently than once within the past year.

  • The user can not have been banned for more than 21 days within the past year.

  • The user must have abided by all campaigning rules.

  • The user must agree to their role powers and limitations.

  • The user can not have served more than 1 previous term as President.

  • The user can not be currently serving on the moderation team.


The President shall be elected for a yearly term each December, to be formally instated January 1st of the following year. The first three weeks of December will be dedicated to optional campaigning, and the rest of the month will be dedicated to the election process, all of which will be overseen and managed by moderation.

The election process shall, largely, mimic the Hall of Fame process. First, users who wish to be President will nominate themselves during a designated nomination period. Afterward, the DebateArt user base shall vote for their favoured candidate within a preliminary polling stage. Finally, the top three most popular candidates from the preliminary polling stage will go to a final voting stage. During this period, one of the candidates shall be elected to become President by simple majority vote. Moderation will have the power to delay or extend voting periods as well as conduct tiebreaker rounds as deemed necessary.

Campaigning Rules & Guidelines

During the designated campaigning period, users may advocate election for themselves or others by doing any of the following:

  • Within any three day window, creating at most ONE non-spam campaign-related forum thread or debate.

  • Offering non-spam contributions to the campaign-related forum threads or debates of others.

  • Changing their profile picture or user biography.

ANY forms of campaigning outside of these sanctioned activities are prohibited. For extra clarity, prohibited campaigning methods include (but are not limited to):

  • Any method involving spam, including mass private messaging.

  • Any campaigning within unrelated threads or debates.

  • Any campaigning within mediums other than

Moderation shall monitor and enforce the campaigning rules as necessary.

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