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DebateArt is an independent project that solely relies on the generosity of our users to keep the platform alive. Donations are the major way we fund the platform and ensure that it continues to be a vibrant community for debate enthusiasts.


Even running a simple website like comes with expenses. We have to pay for the hosting, file storage, email services, image processing, monitoring and logging storage. And that's not even a full list. All of these services add up to around $50-70 per month. Your donation helps us cover these costs and ensures that we can continue to provide a quality user experience for our community.

Extra Funds

If we receive more donations than we need to maintain the website, we will put the extra funds to good use. For example, we could use the funds to attract more people to the platform through advertising, or provide real-world rewards for some of our users. Rest assured that any extra funds will be used to improve the community and enhance the experience for all of our users.

How to Donate

If you would like to support, there are two ways you can help. The main and best way to support us is by becoming a Patreon subscriber. Patreon allows you to support your favorite creators by making a monthly pledge. By becoming a Patreon subscriber, you are directly contributing to the maintenance and development of the platform. To become a Patreon subscriber and donate to the platform, please visit our Patreon page.

If you are a Brave browser user, you can also support by using the Brave Rewards feature. Brave Rewards allows you to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for browsing the web and watching ads. You can then use your BAT to tip your favorite websites, including

To tip using Brave Rewards, simply click on the Brave Rewards icon in your browser's address bar and select "Send a Tip". From there, you can choose how much BAT you would like to send to We appreciate your support and thank you for considering a donation.

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